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    Hirakawa Item: HIR1002
    • Cool Gelmat is patented in the U.S.,Japan,China,Korea,and other countries are pending
    • No Energy is required - Eco Friendly!
    • Approximate weight is 2.4 pounds
    • Easy to use and safe
    • Warranty is 1 year
    The Premium Cool Gelmat helps keep one cool and conformable through the night. A special gel material is the secret that results in the surface of the Gelmat to become 3 to 9 degrees cooler than the outside air temperature depending upon conditions. When the body comes in contact with the mat the surface temperature is cool. Intervals of naturally rolling over the mat to a "fresh" contact location provides one with a cool feeling. Please note that contact with a single surface point will lose it's cool feeling in approximately 30 minutes. The Premium Gelmat features a special honeycomb mesh and "air hole-structure" that is comfortable and decreases the overall weight of the Gelmat. World-wide sales of the Hirakawa Gelmats are over 1 million pieces!
    19.68" x 15.74"