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    Item: HIR1005
    • Cool Gelmat is patented in the U.S., Japan, China, Korea, and other countries are pending
    • Enjoy a Restful Night's Sleep
    • Unique Gel Creates a Cool Feeling
    • Easy to Use and Safe
    • Approximate weight is 15 pounds
    60" x 35.43"
    Do you suffer from sleeping hot? The Cool Gelmat Original Queen Size is an exciting new product that will help keep your body cool while sleeping. Inside the Gelmat is a special gel that cools your body when in contact with it. If your room is too warm at night or you have hot flashes, night sweats, or other issues, then the Gelmat is a great solution. Place the Cool Gelmat Original Queen Size on top of your mattress (below the sheet or above) and instantly you will enjoy the cooling feel provided by the unique gel material that is inside the Gelmat. It has been shown in various studies that maintaining a cool body temperature is very important to help one go to sleep and enjoy a good night's sleep. The Cool Gelmat provides a cooling feeling for approximately 30 minutes upon contact with your body however the unique gel inside will rejuvenate as your body tosses and turns throughout the night. Over 1 million Gelmats have been sold worldwide. A pillow size Cool Gelmat is also available.