• Olefin Terrace Adobe Fabric
  • Extra-large 11 Foot Diameter Canopy
  • 8 Premium Durable Fiberglass Ribs with 1/2" DiameterRiveted and Reinforced Rib Joints
  • High Durable Resin Housing and Hub
  • Deluxe Crank Lift System
  • Advanced Collar Tilt System
  • Durable 1.5" Aluminum Pole
  • Warranty: Frame - 1 Year, Fabric - 1 Year Against Fade
  • Size: 132" L x 132" W x 109.5"H
  • Base is Sold Separately
Item #: CAU1110
Price: $435.00

    The industry standard has been raised by this extra-large 11 foot California Market Umbrella. This umbrella offers all the features a residential owner demands, along with advances in design often reserved for commercial use. The tough aluminum pole is matched by the innovative use of a ½ inch diameter premium fiberglass rib system, which adds flexibility and longevity under windy conditions. In this extra-large canopy, by using thicker and more resilient fiberglass, the advanced collar tilt design separates tilt position control from the user-friendly crank to open features. Owners have a complete range of tilt positions at their fingertips and a resilient, easy to use, umbrella frame that will bring years of shade enjoyment. SUN MASTER SERIES The Evolution of an Original When California Umbrella introduced the Sun Master Series, Eisenhower was living in the White House and Mercury Astronauts thrilled the world with unheard of breakthroughs in the cascading race for space dominance. An entire generation of baby boomers set out to redefine the world and take on conventions as the world sped into a wild future. In this exciting era, California Umbrella introduced a smooth and easy tilting frame that promised years of carefree comfort in the sprawling backyards and pool sides taking over the American leisure-scape. A symbol of simple pleasure in enjoying the outdoors made for an incredible rise in a developing casual furnishings industry and a true original was born. Today, it is a re-imagined original, with the same deft operation that conquered patios a generation ago. Now blended with the results of modernization developed in the manufacturing age, with Fiberglass materials that embody contemporary flexibility and resilience in the face of challenging winds and constant change. Take on the sun and master the shade with a brand new original. The Sun Master.